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With new EU registration regulations coming into force in June 2011, access to real market opportunities continues to be a major challenge facing all companies – large and small. In certain markets it is practical to have a much closer relationship to the end-user than 5 or 10 years ago. But in order to do this, do you know what additional services and resources will be required by your customers and how can these be provided cost-effectively.

This is where our "Á la carte" services may be of interest.

1. Sales and Marketing
a. Market review and planning
b. Technology licensing and valuation
c. Local distributor analysis and recruitment
d. Pricing studies and competitor analysis
e. Agency representation

Do you have the latest market information about usage? What is the real margin structure in the market? Which local company can give you the best market penetration? What is the real value of your technology and is someone better placed to exploit it?

2. Technical Service
a. Identification of external influencers
b. Presentations and distributor staff training
c. Product demonstrations and evaluations

What levels of back-up and support will you customers require from you? Who else influences the choice of product and how can you communicate with them?

3. Business Logistics
a. Management of warehousing and delivery
b. Invoicing and payment collection
c. Compliance with the latest business legislation
d. Sourcing of products, raw materials and toll-formulation services

Can you effectively manage a seasonal business without a local presence? What are the credit terms and credit risks you will face? Do your products comply with the ever-changing legislation?

With some partners, we are adopting completely new approaches to the sales and distribution of their products.
Is it now time that you considered whether new initiatives in your approach to the market would give you a sustainable competitive advantage in the decade ahead?

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